Plan the School Boys Summer Camp at Pathfinder Island!!!

Camp Pathfinder

When camping comes up in mind, people generally take it for the vacation trip, but it is not only limited to holiday anymore, these are now able to help children nowadays to develop their skills and build self-esteem. These kinds of trips are nowadays arranged by schools to prepare their students for making a right choice while talking, thinking and behaving. They encourage their interpersonal skills with the help of different arrangement of activities. If you are also a school owner and looking for the best place for organizing the boys camp, then you may consider arranging it on Pathfinder Island. You may contact with Camp Pathfinder, Algonquin Park, ON, who can assist you in creating a proper arrangement for kids ranging from their stay to canoe trips to the recreational activities.

With our experienced staff, we are able to create an exceptional summer camp boys program. Our camping community generally includes boys ages from 7 to 21 years only, and let them explore the picturesque beauty of nature with the help of canoe trip. Our alumni staffs are able to create the skills development activities for children according to their interest or choice. Whether it is specific school program or a family group vacation, we organize the trip for everyone at the heart of this island. This place is one of its kinds that are worth exploring once. From stunning lake with beautiful nature, you can find everything here that keeps you out from your hassle life. Plan your vacation now with us.


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