Enjoy Overnight Camping with Your Friends

Overnight camping is full of excitement, fun and enjoyment. It is perfect for those who love outdoor adventures. Summer season is the best time for night out. Longer days and warmer nights can make your outdoor trip more adventurous and fill your spare time in a great manner. Whether you want to enjoy climbing, hiking or riding, you can join overnight summer camp and make your vacation unforgettable. There are so many organizers that provide outstanding summer camps for boys.

Camp Pathfinder specializes in organizing wilderness canoe trips as well as in-camp programs. We have designed excellent programs for boys ages 7-16. In addition to this, we provide outdoor leadership experience for boys ages 16-21. Having years of experience, we organize traditional overnight camp, exciting sports, amazing canoe trips, and so on. We have a group of terrific counselors and great friends that allow us to create a safe and secure environment for boys.

Join our trip to enjoy an array range of activities like swimming, kayaking, archery, arts, canoeing, climbing, fishing, athletics, and many more. Spending time in traditional summer camps is the best way to enjoy outstanding activities with friends. Parents are suggested to visit our website and check out the Pathfinder Experience. We give individual attention as well as proper safety and supervision on the trips. You can join us from the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. Attend canoe tripping program to bring fun and excitement in your life.


Make Your Summer Enjoyable by Joining Wilderness Canoe Trips

Wilderness camps or canoe trips make summer vacation full of fun and enjoyment. Spending time in canoe trips is a great way to enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Children can enjoy an array range of recreational activities like boating, fishing, kayaking, climbing, hiking and outdoor recreations. There are a number of benefits of joining wilderness canoe trips like seeing wildlife, clean air, adventure, no mobile phones, no internet, no traffic, and so on.

If you want your child to attend camping, then you have arrived at the right place. Camp Pathfinder specializes in organizing wilderness canoe trips for boys ages 7-16. We offer exciting outdoor sports and canoe trips where boys can grow values, independence, abilities, character, and friendship. Join our outdoor summer camp to enjoy programs like paddling, swimming, arts, nature lore / ecology, ropes-challenge. We have a team of experts and friendly staff. Our senior staff has 15-30 years of experience.

If you are interested to join a boys canoe trip camp, then simply contact us. We have more than 102 years of experience and qualified counselors. Our counselors give equal attention to create a safe and secure environment. We are here to offer in-camp programs for children ages 7-16 as well as outdoor leadership experience for youngsters ages 16-21. Parents can visit our website and collect information about our programs. Simply contact us and join us anytime.

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