Approach Camp Pathfinder to have a Great Camping Experience

Wilderness Canoe Trips, no doubt, are the action-packed adventure that offers a range of activities in the nature to all the kids regardless of their age. Some of their activities are water sports, hiking, outdoor time, mountain climbing, teamwork, and many more. According to a recent study, such camps improve the kids’ self-esteem and self-confidence significantly. Being enjoyable, everyone wants to join such encampments. If you are looking for a top organizer for Boys Canoe Trip Camp, then you can contact Camp Pathfinder. The prime objective of our company is to offer a wonderful, rewarding, and maturing experience to each and every camper. By joining our exclusive programs, you can enhance various skills such as comradeship, teamwork, self-reliance, character, and respect.

With our help you can also gear up for leadership roles of future. Apart from this, our boys wilderness canoe camp is attended by the campers from Australia, Spain, South America, Europe, Canada, United States, Argentina, Mexico, etc. In our team, we always recruit highly trained staff members of 75 guides and counselors who ensure a great attention to every boy in the ratio of 1:2. During the month of July and August, we offer sessions of 7 weeks, 3 and ½ weeks, and 2 weeks to the campers. By attending our special programs, you can increase your self confidence. What’s more, our charges are extremely low as compared to other organizers. Plus, enrollment is also easy with us as you have to fill up a short form. To check our rates and dates, you can visit our official website anytime.



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