To celebrate your Vacations and make it more Adventurous having different type of Camping facilities visit us

Many times people got confused that where should they pass their leisure. Often their children want some adventures summer vacation, so Camp Pathfinder brings more adventurous trips and sources of fun, like canoe trip, camping and many others. Our highly skilled staff has introduced children and young people from around the world to adventures in beautiful and majestic northern landscapes. Camp Pathfinder is a classic boys’ camp, offering summers of adventure for ages 7-16. We are all about exciting sports, awesome canoe trips, terrific counselors and great friends! Boys, check out our activities. Parents check out the Pathfinder Experience.

Camping is one of the most famous and interesting way to enjoy vacations and when you get proper direction that how can you make your camp more functional and beautiful your charm and interest gets increased. So, we at Camp Pathfinder provide graphic designers, writers, for Boys’ Canoe Camps who make your work easy and superb.

OVERNIGHT SUMMER CAMP is fun for kids of all ages who want to sleep away from home. They usually take place in the summer, and they can feature a range of activities, from hiking and swimming to rock wall climbing and competitions. This is a wonderful way of entertainment, with gathering of families and friends.

Canoe Trips offer life skills education and a chance for a young person to explore their limits in the context of a team adventure set in a safe and fun environment. Canoe trip participants learn self-reliance and responsibility. These adventures cultivate lasting friendships forged on shared experiences.

So, if you want to make your vacations more enthusiastic and memorable, just come with our experience.

Enroll for 2017 Campers –


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