Join Overnight summer camp to Boost up Your Self Confidence

Overnight summer camps are those wherein the campers spend the nights at the campsites. During these bivouacs, the kids have a great learning experience in a great environment. Their main purpose is to provide the boys a great opportunity to learn by resolving problems themselves. They also boost up an energy to overcome limitations and fears. In all over the world, there are so many companies that organize an Overnight summer camp for kids. But if you want to approach the most reputed one, then you should approach Camp Pathfinder. Being a top organizer, we offer adventure summer camps to 7 to 16 year old boys. No matter, where you live ā€“ South America, Europe, Canada, or the United States, you can attend our encampments.

We have a highly trained and expert staff including 75 counselors and guides who provide great attention on every boy in 1:2 ratio. During July and August, we conduct various types of sessions such as two weeks, three and half and seven weeks. During our wilderness canoe trips, you can also enjoy different activities like ropes course, archery, swimming, and paddling. Our company was set up by Rochester educators William Bennett and Franklin Gray. Our prime goal is to offer maturing, rewarding, and healthful summer experience to all the campers. By joining our camps, you can not only prepare for leadership roles, but you can also enhance various types of skills such as teamwork, self-reliance, character, respect, and comradeship. To get detailed information about our encampments, contact us today!


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