Summer Camp is the Best Adventure for Boys

If your child is getting bored in the summer holidays, then choose the camp for him. It is one of the best ideas for making the holidays enjoyable. It not only provides the fun and entertainment, but also involved many activities and programs which are designed to build the self discipline, self respect, and courage. All these things help them in their journey of life. They will also learn about the unity, team focus, emotional stability and many other qualities that are essential. There are some activities that you cannot teach them at home, so selecting the summer camp is the right choice. But, choose that one which is safe for your ward. If you are looking for boys wilderness canoe camp, then “Camp Pathfinder” that is a classic boys camp, offering summers of adventure for ages 7-16.

It is located on Pathfinder Island, Source Lake in world famous Algonquin Provincial Park. This camp is all about awesome canoe trips, terrific counselors, exciting sports and making great friends. We don’t only travel all the routes of Algonquin park, there are 10-14 day cruises in Temagami, 14 day whitewater trip, 25-30 day expedition on the Albany, Pipestone and Winisk Rivers, and involve so many other places. The activities involved in the overnight summer camp are swimming, sailing, paddling, hiking and even camp chores. These all activities become a lifestyle for them until they continue as adults. We have highly trained counselors who provide a safe and wholesome experience. If you want to send your child on canoe trip camp, then please feel free to contact us.


Join Canoe Adventure Summer Camp to Enhance your Personality

No doubt, kids and teens love outdoor fun and during summers they always want to go in places where they can enjoy a lot. During summer vacations, when they have lots of free time and have no burden of studies, getting them into canoe trip camp will keep them involved in activities where they can have lots of fun and at the same time can learn lots of good things. A camping trip for tiddlers is an activity where they are grouped together in a special place, involve them in adventures and fun activities, and they are supervised. Their activities usually involve skateboarding, hiking, campfires, dance, music and many more. The students can choose the activities according to their interest and passion.

Today, there are so many good camp organizers all over the world that organize special camping programs for boys. Camp Pathfinder is one of the leading and very popular camp organizers that have been organizing adventure summer camps for seven to sixteen year old boys for many years. Our adventure camping activities are perfect for improving self confidence and enhancing many great skills such as self-esteem, positive attitude, team building skills, leadership skills, friendship, and many more. The best thing is that we have different packages and you can choose the one that matches perfectly with your expectations and needs. The main purpose of our institution is to provide maturing experience to each and every camper so that he become more independent and confident. If you want to collect information about upcoming dates of our canoeing camps, please feel free to log on at our portal.

Enjoy The Canoe Trip with Camp Pathfinder

Most parents face a problem when their children stay in the house for the entire day during their summer vacations. Since they don’t have school, they don’t feel tired and are always getting into mischief. The parents are facing this issue worldwide. The best solution is to send your son to boy’s camp during their vacation time to make sure that they don’t get under your feet and have an exciting time as well. The camp includes going for trekking, sleeping in tents, canoe trips and so on. Parents are usually hesitant as they feel that children will not be fed properly as there is no one to watch over them. But, if you are looking for the safe canoe trip camp, then you can rely on “Camp Pathfinder” which is a classic boy’s camp, located on Pathfinder island.

We offer a summer of adventure for ages 7-16 and travel all the routes of Algonquin park. Beyond the park, there are 10-14 day cruises in Temagami, 14-day whitewater trips on the Dumoine and Noire rivers in Quebec, 25-30 day expeditions on the Albany, Bloodvein, Pipestone and Winisk rivers. Our camp is all about exciting sports, terrific counselors, awesome canoe trips and great friends. We have experts and friendly staff who have years of experience as campers and junior counselors. If you want to enjoy the canoeing camps, then you can fill the enrollment form. Please feel free to contact with our director anytime, to receive a list of parents who are happy to discuss details of the Pathfinder experience.

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