Enjoy boy’s canoe camp with professionals of “Pathfinder”

Camping with kids, or members of the family, can be a lot of fun or it can be difficult as well. To someone who isn’t used to kids, the idea of how do you keep them from battling can sound challenging. However, with a few simple steps camping with kids or members of the family camping can be fulfilling. Even with the help of professional companies, one can also send their kids on specified boys canoe camp.

Among all other options, we “Pathfinder” are one of the leading service providers that specialize in offering classic boys’ camp. We offer summers of adventure to boys within age group of 7-16. We are located on Pathfinder Island, Source Lake and welcome people from round the nation. We are all about offering and enjoying exciting sports, canoe trip camp, terrific counselors and other great trips. Our professionals are dedicated to help you in making your tour memorable.

Apart from above, if you are searching for a reliable service provider that can offer exciting and wilderness summer camps to your kids within your limited budget, then we are the one stop destination for you to hire our professionals and take advantage to our services. For more details, go through our online portal at www.camppathfinder.com


Have an Exciting and Refreshing adventure at Canoeing Camps

Camp Pathfinder

Do you want to send your kids to a refreshing and exciting adventure? If your answer is in affirmative, then joining boys canoe trip camp will be the smart decision. During this trip, you can enjoy a number of pleasurable, challenging and recreational activities. Here, you can also have a great relaxation and lead a stress free and healthy life. By joining these canoeing camps, you can enhance various types of skills such as leadership qualities, self-confidence, team work, and a lot more. These days, there are so many camp organizers that specialize to organize such camps for the boys. Amidst all, Camp Pathfinder is one of the leading camp organizers who offer encampments to seven to sixteen years old.

The best part is that our boys canoe camps are attended by the campers hail from Europe, Canada, South America, and U.S. Our organization was established in 1914 and since then, we have been providing exclusive canoe tripping program to all the campers. In our rich in-camp program, we conduct a wide range of activities such as swimming, ropes challenge, ecology, nature lore, paddling and many more. What’s more, we have well experienced staff members of 75 guides and counselors who give special attention on all the campers in the ratio of 1:2. By joining our exclusive programs, you can have a personal connection to the nature. So, if you are interested to attend our programs, then fill up enrollment form through online today!

Send your Kids at Outdoor Adventure Camp to enhance their Skills

No doubt, summer vacations are the best time when all the children are free from exams, assignments and of course, homework. But during this time, most of the kids get involved either in watching television or playing games on the computers. That’s why, many parents become anxious about their overall health. If you want to stay away your kids from such activities, then you should send them outdoor summer camp to enhance their skills and overall development. There are several camp organizers across the world that have a wealth of experience to organize such encampments. But amidst all, Camp Pathfinder is a leading camp organizer that has been organizing outdoor adventure camp at Pathfinder Island for many years.

The best part is that our camps are attended by campers hail from Canada, Europe, South America, China, Spain and United States. In our encampments, you can indulge in a number of activities such as swimming, arts, ropes-challenge, paddling, nature lore/ecology and many more. Apart from this, we have a team of well trained 75 counselors and guides who pay specialized attention on all the campers. By joining our exclusive programs, you can enhance various skills such as teamwork, friendship, respect, self-reliance, character, comradeship and many more. Our main mission is to offer maturing, rewarding and healthful experience to all the campers. If you want to send your kids at summer camp for boys, then you can approach our staff members for registration. To know our program fee, you can visit our site anytime.

Join Adventure Summer Camps to Make Memories

Adventure summer camps for boys are all about making memories and building confidence. They offer outdoor fun and enjoyment. They are the right place where kids can build their skills for the success of future. They can enjoy activities like rafting, hiking, biking, climbing and so on. Joining camps is the best way to discover yourself and enjoy outdoor activities in a safe environment. Kids can build self confidence, leadership quality, teamwork, new outdoor activities and so on. Today, the majority of kids attends summer camps to make their vacation enjoyment and memorable. If you also want to join, then simply contact Camp Pathfinder.

Our boys canoe trip camp offers an array range of activities and programs for boys. We are located on Pathfinder Island, Source Lake in the world-famous Algonquin Provincial Park. Join us for outstanding trips and camping. We are here to provide exciting sports, canoe trips and camping as well. We have years of experience in this field. We have a great staff of counselors and instructors. Each instructor supervises kids and encourage them to participate in various programs. Our instructors are great model for kids. If you want to join canoeing camps, then simply contact us. Here, boys can grow in various ways, including leadership, achievement and outdoor skills like archery, ropes, kayaking, arts, climbing, canoeing, swim program, and athletics. Just visit our website and join us today.