Make Your Youngsters Holidays Best by Sending them in Summer Camps

Finally, summer season is here!! It is the time when kids get freedom from study, homework, exams etc. But the worst part is that they get bored very quickly or most of them spend their most of the time in front of computers and televisions. So, if you want to keep your youngsters quite busy, active and happy during these vacations, then you have to make a little plan to make their holidays best than ever. To stay away your kids from all these screens, you should send them Algonquin summer camp. During these camps, they will not only get a chance to explore beautiful secrets of nature, but they can also gain self-esteem and confidence. Plus, they will also meet with new friends and learn new skills.

We, Camp Pathfinder, are one of the renowned camp organizers that specialize in conducting canoe tripping program. Our camp is situated at Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada. No matter, where you live – South America, Europe, Canada or U.S., you can attend our exclusive programs without any hassle. In our rich in-camp program, we include a wide range of activities, such as ropes-challenge, arts, swimming, athletes, nature lore/ecology, paddling etc. If you want to send your kids in historic summer camps, then you can contact us. Our team boasts of highly trained 75 guides and counselors pay special attention on each and every camper.

On the other hand, our sessions are ideal for seven to sixteen years old boys. To know our rates and dates, either contact our staff members or go online today!


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