Hone your Child’s Skills by Joining a Wonderful Outdoor Summer Camp

No doubt, outdoor education is an ultimate way to enhance the performance of a student. It allows a student to have a great experience with group activities and nature. If we talk about summer camps and workshops, they are best examples of outdoor education. Here, students can indulge in numerous activities such as canoeing, swimming, fishing, archery, wall climbing and many more. Now-a-days, there are numerous organizers who specialize in organizing a wonderful outdoor summer camp. Amongst all, Camp Pathfinder has been organizing such bivouacs for boys since the year 1914. We offer a good canoe tripping program that includes various types of activities for instance, ropes-challenge, swimming, ecology, nature lore, paddling, athletics etc.

So, if you want to attend a wonderful outdoor adventure camp, then you should join us. We have 75 counselors and guides who give special attention to each and every camper. The main objective of our company is to prepare campers for the future leadership roles. Our boys canoe camp is perfect to enhance various skills such as comradeship, teamwork, self-reliance, respect, character etc. On the other hand, if you love to play sports, then you can indulge in various sports such as volleyball, kickball, badminton, Frisbee golf, horseshoes etc.

What’s more, we conduct all the sessions in July and August mainly. Apart from this, our counselors give special attention on the security of the campers. No matter, wherever you live South America, Europe, Canada or United States, you can join our special programs to enhance your skills. Moreover, our charges are very affordable than others. To know our rates and upcoming dates, please explore our official website now!


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