Give Your Boys an Adventurous Experience by Offering Them an Overnight Summer Camp

We all like adventures, the difference is that some only like to see it, but, some have the desire of experiencing one. Such interests let the human mind develop better. You have the chance of sending your young boys to the adventure summer camps, where they can learn and prepare themselves for physical challenges. ‘Camp Pathfinder’ will organize the boys summer camp, where they would be teamed up with other boys, and will have to perform different activities accepting challenges that would come. Parents need not worry, as these challenges would not be covered by them alone, our guides will be there, saving them like a life jacket all the time.

We would like to welcome the kids aged between 7 to16 for this camp and enjoy the exciting sports with our team. Here your young ones will be able to make new friends and improve their interpersonal skills, by communicating with the new faces. Boys can checkout our activities for the overnight summer camp. We have terrific counselors who will help you throughout the canoe trips. We have a limited period for the enrollment, as we can allow a limited number of candidates to be with us on the trip. You can also avail of the discounts if you reach early. You can learn about our heritage and traditions on our website and explore the leadership and safety features that we provide. Parents can browse through the site, for important information, before getting their young ones enrolled.

Camp Pathfinder


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