Learn Lifelong Lessons at Algonquin Summer Camp

Do you want to reduce boredom for your kids during summer vacations? Well, you must send your kids to a summer camp where they can learn new things, make new friends and indulge in various fun-filled activities. Joining Algonquin summer camp is the best way to learn great lifelong lessons. But the only perquisite is to approach the right organizer. We, Camp Pathfinder, are well recognized in all over the world in organizing wonderful canoe camp for boys at Pathfinder island. By joining our bivouacs, anyone can enhance his skills, abilities and values. Whether you are from Europe, Canada, South America or United States, you can attend our programs without any hassle.

To all the campers, we provide an exclusive canoe tripping program that includes various type of activities such as ropes-challenge, ecology, nature lore, paddling, swimming, arts, athletics and many more. During boys wilderness canoe camp, we pay the full attention on each and every camper. We have a team of 75 guides and counselors who help campers to learn new things. Our prime goal has ever been to offer rewarding, healthful and maturing experience to everyone. What’s more, we prepare all the boys for the future leadership roles. Our camps are ideal to enhance various skills such as respect, comradeship, teamwork, character etc.

So, if you are interested to join our bivouacs, then you should either contact us or visit the site now to know upcoming dates and charges!

For more information, please visit- http://www.camppathfinder.com/the-pathfinder-experience/


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