Give Your Young Boys Complete Refreshment with the Best Summer-Camp Experience

Let us go back to the days of our schools, only books and copies, learning and writing was not the schedule, we had recreational activities. Today, the syllabus has made the students get levied with the burden of books, and they cannot find time for themselves. Never mind, there is always a hope, if not the regular day, you can still plan a refreshment for them, by sending them to a summer camp. Where they would get refreshed and learn a lot.

We offer boys canoe camp, where one creates many memorable stories and attend centennial events. These camps are designed to make the boys aged from 7-16 years have an exclusive experience and open up to the outside world.


We all know that sports, interests every boy, thus, our outdoor summer camp, will also conduct several sports activities, to keep your young one fit. ‘Camp Pathfinder’ has not changed are the words of ‘Jack Hurley’ and adds that we have kept canoe trips alive and have maintained them well too. This can be found by the parents themselves. Our rich boys paddling camp, let’s explore the ecology, arts and enjoy the rope challenges. Our staff of 75 counselors is capable of guiding and providing complete attention to the candidates. Your boy can have more than lying on their couches and completing their holiday homework, make them join the team, and he will find new friends.

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