Attend Wilderness Camp to Become Independent

Are you planning to enroll your child in a wilderness camp? Well, there are plenty organizations that arrange wilderness canoe trips for boys. You can find out the best camp organizer in your area with the help of the internet and enroll your children to make them independent and confident. One of the most trusted organizers is Camp Pathfinder. We specialize in organizing wilderness canoe trips for boys. We are situated at the great island of Algonquin Provincial Park. We are well-known for providing an amazing and unforgettable camping experience. By attending our camp, boys can build their confidence and grow their leadership quality. All children will feel safe and secure in our camp.

If you are planning to send your child in the wilderness summer camps, then you can approach us anytime. We are committed to providing an outstanding camping experience for each and every child. We specialize in offering canoe camps, canoe trips and summer camps for boys with age group of 7 to 16 years. We also offer sport activities, canoe trips and splendid counseling services. Our counselors will supervise and guide each boy in the camp. We offer different types of programs. By attending our traditional summer camps, your kid can build their moral values and ethics. Children can also participate in outdoor programs such as swimming, paddling, water and land sports, ropes course, and archery.


Learn Lifelong Lessons at Algonquin Summer Camp

Do you want to reduce boredom for your kids during summer vacations? Well, you must send your kids to a summer camp where they can learn new things, make new friends and indulge in various fun-filled activities. Joining Algonquin summer camp is the best way to learn great lifelong lessons. But the only perquisite is to approach the right organizer. We, Camp Pathfinder, are well recognized in all over the world in organizing wonderful canoe camp for boys at Pathfinder island. By joining our bivouacs, anyone can enhance his skills, abilities and values. Whether you are from Europe, Canada, South America or United States, you can attend our programs without any hassle.

To all the campers, we provide an exclusive canoe tripping program that includes various type of activities such as ropes-challenge, ecology, nature lore, paddling, swimming, arts, athletics and many more. During boys wilderness canoe camp, we pay the full attention on each and every camper. We have a team of 75 guides and counselors who help campers to learn new things. Our prime goal has ever been to offer rewarding, healthful and maturing experience to everyone. What’s more, we prepare all the boys for the future leadership roles. Our camps are ideal to enhance various skills such as respect, comradeship, teamwork, character etc.

So, if you are interested to join our bivouacs, then you should either contact us or visit the site now to know upcoming dates and charges!

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Give Your Young Boys Complete Refreshment with the Best Summer-Camp Experience

Let us go back to the days of our schools, only books and copies, learning and writing was not the schedule, we had recreational activities. Today, the syllabus has made the students get levied with the burden of books, and they cannot find time for themselves. Never mind, there is always a hope, if not the regular day, you can still plan a refreshment for them, by sending them to a summer camp. Where they would get refreshed and learn a lot.

We offer boys canoe camp, where one creates many memorable stories and attend centennial events. These camps are designed to make the boys aged from 7-16 years have an exclusive experience and open up to the outside world.


We all know that sports, interests every boy, thus, our outdoor summer camp, will also conduct several sports activities, to keep your young one fit. ‘Camp Pathfinder’ has not changed are the words of ‘Jack Hurley’ and adds that we have kept canoe trips alive and have maintained them well too. This can be found by the parents themselves. Our rich boys paddling camp, let’s explore the ecology, arts and enjoy the rope challenges. Our staff of 75 counselors is capable of guiding and providing complete attention to the candidates. Your boy can have more than lying on their couches and completing their holiday homework, make them join the team, and he will find new friends.

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