Join Wilderness Summer Camps for Amazing and Adventurous Experience

To give your kid an amazing and adventurous experience, wilderness summer camps is a perfect option to go with. The boys’ summer camp is assorted with various adventurous activities and full enjoyment. For enhancing the experience of campers, Camp Pathfinder constantly works on improving the protection and level of various fun-filled activities. Camp Pathfinder is specialize in providing the boys summer and canoeing camps, like no other. Our main objective is to provide maximum fun to kids and make their summers memorable as well as enjoyable, like never before. In our camps, your kid will practice several physical and intellectual as well as fun-filled activities. Moreover, we provide a great opportunity to make new friends and enjoy best company of other kids.

Apart from that, being the best boys canoe trip camp service providers we majorly focus on the security and safety of the campers. In this context, we set up the team of special guides or professionals who are always available for you. Thus, we ensure maximum enjoyment and quality camping experience. Our summer camps are available for boys of different age group including 7-16 years. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy your summers uniquely, then do make the bookings with us. To get information about the next camps, please contact us.


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